Paperbell for coaches

Taking the admin out of coaching

​​Laura Roeder is on a mission to make life easier for entrepreneurs. In 2014, her MeetEdgar tool became a multi-million business that now runs on autopilot. Being a business coach herself, she understood the value of a tool that saves time and effort in locating time zones or sending payment check-ins. That’s what led her to create Paperbell– a solution that immediately became a hit with over 500 coaches using the system in the first few months alone.

 If you’re a coach looking for a scheduling, payment, and client management tool all in one, Paperbell is your answer! It lets your clients pay you, schedule appointments, sign contracts, and access digital downloads all in one online hub. The best part? You get to focus on the meaningful work that you’re passionate about! 

What does Paperbell do?

  1. Paperbell scheduling and payments are a match made in heaven! No more back and forth between scheduling without paying or paying without scheduling. Say goodbye to being the “monkey in the middle” – Paperbell automatically syncs it all up for you!
  2. With Paperbell, you’ve got flexibility like never before! You can sell and deliver all kinds of packages, from one-on-one appointments to digital downloads, even with the option for a 6-month payment plan. It’s tailored specifically for coaches, so you can get the most out of your group coaching experience!.
  3. Paperbell, is an elegant and organized experience that makes you look forward to logging in again! Your clients will appreciate the seamless experience too.
  4. With Paperbell, keeping your clients in the loop is a breeze. They’ll receive all the details they need, including contact information and online meeting details, in a calendar invitation that automatically adjusts to their time zone. How’s that for easy and efficient?
  5.  It keeps a detailed client history right at your fingertips! You’ll be able to see which packages your clients have purchased, their total spend, how many sessions they’ve used, their survey answers, and even your private notes – all beautifully arranged and easy to access.

Give it a try! get your free account today.