Spotlight on Regan Hillyer

Regan Hillyer is a major force in personal development and business success. As an international multi-millionaire, keynote speaker, renowned thought leader, philanthropist and mindset coach she has impacted thousands of lives with her founding company: Regan Hillyer International. She deploys expertise to help experts unearth their core message and step into the spotlight – making meaningful connections while building up lasting legacies!

Regan has pioneered a movement to enable people across the globe realize their dreams of financial abundance. He helps train and empower entrepreneurs who, with guidance from innovative psychological techniques and cutting-edge business growth strategies, are able to create six- or seven-figure companies without ever needing an office space! With Regan’s mission being that everyone should have access to achieving greatness in life – his success stories keep on growing every day.*

At age 24, Regan Hillyer had already achieved her goal of becoming a millionaire. But what is even more inspiring about this success story is her journey to get there. After starting out in architecture and being left unfulfilled by that career path, Regan actively set goals for herself and rewired her mindset with visualization techniques – paving the way forward on an entirely new course toward self-made success online. In just eight months post-launch, she grew her business beyond 1M dollars through sheer hard work while managing all aspects alone as an introvert who knew nothing at first about internet marketing or working over digital platforms!
Now Regan is well known for being a Mindvalley coach her work at

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