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How to promote your online course when you only have a small following.

Do you have an online course or program that you are looking to promote but struggling to make yourself heard above the noise?

It can be tough to stand out, but the secret to reaching a larger audience isn’t simply about making more noise on social media or inundating your email list with endless messages. Rather, it’s about forming valuable partnerships and collaborations, as well as creating worthwhile affiliate offers.

Trust is key in the online space, and partnering up with businesses that already have a following can be a significant boon, offering not just greater exposure but also improved SEO through building trusted backlinks to your site. Indeed, if you have your own offer, then setting up your own affiliate marketing program can be among the most scalable marketing tactics, with costs only incurred when a sale actually happens—the opposite of paying for ads that might not deliver. Everybody wins with affiliate marketing.

But what sorts of collaborations are actually driving business right now? There are a few trends to watch out for.
Bundle offers, where a group of like-minded businesses work together on a package deal, are becoming more and more common.

Virtual summits, bringing together industry experts to talk about a specific topic, provide a great way to boost your standing (and following), particularly if you’re able to get a speaking slot. And being a guest on a popular podcast can also be a huge boost to your exposure, with hosts always looking for new guests to feature.

Of course, finding the right partners is key—an activity that can be very time-consuming without the proper resources. That’s why we’re pleased to introduce Collaboration Station, a directory specially designed to help you collaborate and grow quickly. Sign up now and take advantage of our special introductory offer.

So don’t try to do it alone anymore—start building those relationships that will benefit you and your collaborators alike. The opportunities to grow your business and expand your reach are practically limitless. Don’t miss out!

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